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Graduations Projects

During the year we are always interested in students doing a market survey.

Who are we

Hoomark is one of the biggest producers of gift-wrap paper in Europe. Each year about 220 million meters of paper are produced, enough to wrap our earth 5 times!
For all collections various paper- and foilmaterials are used, for example hologram and metalpaper. Each year a new standard collection is developed and sold, and next to the standard collection we offer customer specific solutions as well.
Hoomark also deliveres a wide range of accessories like bags, bows, ribbons and boxes. These are developed in Hoogeveen and bought in China.
For all of our products we can use the latest licenses, like Disney, Hello Kitty and Warner Bros.
Summarized: Hoomark is
the one-stop-shop-supplier of all products adding value to a gift !

Every day about 110 people at Hoomark in Hoogeveen are developing designs, print paper and convert these into consumer rolls, assemble displays and purchase and sell our products. In peak season about 60 people are additionally employed in manufacturing to be able to produce the demand.
Since 2004 Hoomark is a division of International Greetings PLC. With other divisions in Europe, Australia and the USA almost the whole world is provided with our gift-wrap assortment.

What do we offer
Our customers are the bigger retailers, wholesalers and (service) merchandisers situated in the Benelux, Germany, France and Spain. In these countries we sell directly to e.g. Carrefour, Auchan, Kruidvat, HEMA, Lidl, Aldi and MontiChelvo. We have our own native salesmanagers who know and understand their culture and the local retailers.
During the year we are always interested in students doing a market survey. Several students have been involved and graduated in different subjects varying from consumer research, writing a competition analysis or doing market research in various countries.
Don’t hesitate to call us for the latest opportunity we have in mind !

What do you bring with you
- You are studying Commerciёle Economie or International Business & Languages or a relevant commercial study on HBO level
- Pro-active
- Be able to work independent and manage your time
- Hands on

Additional information can be given by Klaas de Graaf, Customer Service Manager.
Telephone: 0528-225152, e-mail:

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