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At Hoomark we use advanced technology and equipment to produce about 200 million metres of wrapping paper a year. So what happens when you place an order at Hoomark? Your choice is entered into our ERP-system, that control the entire process. This enables us to fulfil customised orders. In the inking room, the correct colours are mixed for the various patterns. The ink is transported to the printer, where it is printed onto empty rolls that are 10 kilometres long and 1.4 metres wide. In addition to “normal” paper, it may also involve metal paper or holographic paper, depending on what you’ve ordered. The paper is printed by three Flexo printing presses and then cut into two lengths, each 70cm wide. The rolls are then temporarily stored in the warehouse.

The wrapping department cuts all paper to the required size and wraps it as required. Would you like rolls that are 1.5 metres long? Or do you prefer 20 metre rolls? It doesn’t matter, we have thirteen machines that can wrap everything exactly the way you want.

Wrapping is done using a number of different wrapping machines. A multi-pack machine wraps several rolls at the same time (as sets), and it is also possible to create a combination of rolls of wrapping paper with matching ribbons, bows or other wrapping accessories.

Next, the rolls are packed into boxes and taken to the relevant destination in Europe or beyond. We have offices and production facilities all over the world, which means our deliveries can be flexible and efficient. This way, our wrapping paper can make all parties complete!